The Hero Archetype

The Hero - also known as Champion, Defender, Rescuer, or Warrior is the oldest and most popular archetype in our society. The hero is usually an expression of our collective unconscious. Hero archetypes strive to maintain justice and fight against evil. The ability of the hero to stay true to themselves is ultimately what makes them heroic.

Positive traits of the Hero archetype are their sense of honour and the courage, energy and power they

have to achieve something they believe is the right thing to do. They strive to make the world a better

place, defending the rights of others and they can often see the bigger picture in relation to

governments, organisations and society.

The shadow aspects of the Hero archetype can be an overwhelming need for power and attention; they may crave being in the limelight and their level of ambition can get work against them or others. They risk doing almost anything including stepping over others or sacrificing them self to achieve that goal. They can be perceived negatively as extremist or conspiracy theorist because of their strong views although they tend to take a wider outlook than others on what is actually going on.


Joss Anderson is an ICF-accredited coach, Reiki practitioner and founder of The Wild Edges

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