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The Wild Edges

Ancient healing for a modern world

The Wild Edges is a healing space devoted to personal and spiritual growth and transformation. By embracing our wildness, we can come back into balance and deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us. At The Wild Edges, I strive to create a safe and sacred space for this transformation to take place.

We are all born with the power to help and transform ourselves, but modern life gets in the way and many of us have simply forgotten how. Through a combination of ancient and modern techniques, including shamanic healing, reiki and wild (nature-based) coaching, I help to facilitate deep and lasting healing and personal growth. I work holistically, focusing on healing the body, mind and soul, creating a safe and nurturing space for you to explore your innermost feelings and emotions, enabling you to remember who you are and what you are truly capable of.

All Wild Edges' therapies are certified by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and our coaching is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing? Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation discovery call so you can start to find your wild edges!

Shamanic Healing

Through soul retrieval, power retrieval, ancestral healing and extraction, shamanic healing helps release you from emotional trauma, old thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back and brings you back into balance.


A range of traditional Usui and Shamanic Reiki treatments to promote physical, mental and emotional healing, balance  energy, relieve stress and anxiety and support personal and spiritual growth.

Wild Coaching

Holistic coaching that combines nature-based experiences and modern coaching techniques, to bring balance and harmony, reconnect you with yourself and nature, and empower you to create the life you want.

Workshops and events


I regularly run sacred drum gatherings, plant spirit healing workshops, a women's circle and a range of nature-based and shamanic development workshops including drum birthing.


My journey has led me to develop a range of herbal products, all 100% natural and organic, made with plants I have grown or foraged. The range includes salves, lip balms, energy sprays and loose incense.



I create and hold a range of bespoke sacred ceremonies, including handfasting, house and land blessings and psychopomps. Every ceremony is unique and tailored to your wishes.


The shamanic therapy is incredibly good and helpful. I had severe lower back pain that I couldn’t fix even after acupuncture sessions and physiotherapy sessions, however after the sessions with Joss which was a full shamanic healing, my pain disappeared completely. Thanks to Joss I am now pain free ~ S.D.

Joss' approach in the coaching sessions was personal to my exact requirements, and tenacious – pushing me to ask some searching questions and challenging outmoded beliefs and thought processes.

~ B.H.

I first met Joss as a student of Reiki and she shone a truly special light as a healer. Then Joss facilitated a shamanic past life journey for me and it was a beautiful experience. Joss is authentic, talented and inspiring and I feel privileged to know her. I look forward to many more past life explorations and Reiki healings from Joss. ~ C.A.

If you'd like to know more or have any questions about The Wild Edges, please drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at: or use the form below.

Thanks for your message - I'll be in touch very soon!!

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