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Client Testimonials

I had a very powerful soul-retrieval session with Joss last week. This work is absolutely on another level. I consider myself to be pretty conscious and open minded, however, before our session I could easily have identified as someone that didn't really need 'healing' in this sense. It became apparent that some past trauma, whilst not conscious to me, was very much still playing a role in my world. There was a piece of me which had broken off at that time and got left behind. I have been working since to welcome it back. This work was extremely thought provoking, a tad emotional and beautifully timed, as it always is. Thank you Joss.


~ Marie Daines

Joss' approach in the coaching sessions was personal to my exact requirements, and tenacious – pushing me to ask some searching questions and challenging outmoded beliefs and thought processes.


~ B.H.

I attended the magic of Mugwort evening which was held on the night of the Hunters Full Moon! The evening was truly an amazing night, with the history and folklore of Mugwort, followed by a beautiful tea ceremony which lead us in to journeying to honour Mugwort! We also learned how to find it and its medicinal properties as well as its use in ceremony and shamanic practice.

I felt Joss held us all in a very safe, loving space and I would recommend Joss 100% to anyone that asked.

~ Vicky Burgess

I worked with Joss over several months as part of my spiritual and healing journey. During this time Joss performed soul retrievals, past life healing, power retrievals, energy field clearing, and ancestral work, including a very moving psychopomp ceremony for a family member who had passed but was still Earthbound. She is an enormously kind human-being, and I’ve valued her sensitivity and compassion just as much as her considerable experience, groundedness and spiritual insight. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone seeking more light and healing, or needing support exploring the shadow aspects of soul, self or ancestral lineages. Very grateful that I found her.


~ Ann

I first met Joss as a student of Reiki and she shone a truly special light as a healer. Then Joss facilitated a shamanic past life journey for me and it was a beautiful experience. Joss is authentic, talented and inspiring and I feel privileged to know her. I look forward to many more past life explorations and Reiki healings from Joss.


~ Christine Ashton

Coaching with Joss has helped me identify what is important to me both at work and home. I have a better understanding of where I want to be and how I'm going to achieve my goals.

~ L.H.

Lovely experience, It was my first shamanic experience and couldn’t have been better! I had a few things to fix and Joss did it wonderfully. I am now weight free as I left what I didn’t need behind. Thank you Joss! 


~ Erica Marques

I recently had a soul retrieval from Joss and to be honest, I really did not know what to expect or what happens, or what she would find, I was totally at ease with the whole process, Joss explained the process and with her calming voice ,closed my eyes whilst she took her journey. She was able to locate the part of my soul that had been lost and the reason behind , which I could clarify with. I am doing the 21 day healing and feel a sense of togetherness, if that make sense and complete. I felt emotional after as feelings that I had closed down came up and now I  know why. Joss has a lovely calming attitude and explains everything in detail as to what she can do . I look forward to another session with Joss and thank her with utmost gratitude. 


~ Amanda Dillury

I have been blessed to not only met Joss but to be on the receiving end of an emotional soul-retrieval session with her which was not only fascinating, but the process has really helped me in my current present state and allowed me to heal from past life traumas that I hadn’t realised were affecting me in this life. Joss is a natural shamanic practitioner and I recommend everyone to try a soul retrieval session and be able to experience this wonderful therapy x


~  Alison Pointer

The shamanic therapy is incredibly good and helpful. I had severe lower back pain that I couldn’t fix even after acupuncture sessions and physiotherapy sessions, however after the sessions with Joss which was a full shamanic healing, my pain disappeared completely. Thanks to Joss I am now pain free.


~ Sabin Dmitru

Beautiful mugwort experience with Joss! The evening gave me an abundance of knowledge, time for myself to receive some shamanic healing, meet like-minded individuals, experience new approaches to spirituality and so much more. I felt safe, love, and so much joy. Thank you Joss for being who you are and offering so much guidance and welcoming me into your beautiful home. It was amazing and a blessing to be in your presence. I look forward to attending future sessions like this one. 


~ Giannina Carlino

A massive thank you to the wonderful Joss for holding such beautiful, knowledgeable gatherings, they really are just fantastic I have attended quite a few and have loved and learnt so much from every one . Joss is an amazing host and an incredible healer, she is just so welcoming and holds such a safe space it’s so lovely , I cannot wait for the next one!

~ Clare Aldous

I am so grateful for Wild Women Gather circle. We have just completed a 3 month journey co-creating the first chapter of the story. During our time together I have been held, safe, seen, heard and welcome to Be. 

The subtle change in myself I feel is that a closed inner door has opened, or a space within has expanded. Many thanks. I am so looking forward to the weaving of the next chapter of the story

~ Jacqui Carroll

I had my first shamanic healing session with Joss and found it very interesting. I didn't know what to expect but was made to feel really comfortable and realised that Joss is my kind of person! I had a problem with my ankle and Joss discovered this without any prior knowledge and worked to resolve it. Ever since I had the session I've had no more problems with it. I learnt so much from my time with Joss and would recommend to anyone looking for a spiritual therapeutic session.

~ Emma Brasnett

Now I’ve got a really clear idea of where I want to be and what I want to be doing in a few years’ time. Working with Joss has helped me to be more confident about myself and what I’m capable of doing.

~ A.C.

I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing two of Joss’s Wheel of the Year gatherings now along with my good friend. One for the Summer Solstice/Alban Hefin held outside in the most beautiful sacred nature space amongst the wise trees and another for the Autumn Equinox/Alban Elfed held at her home. Being a Druid and following the Shamanic nature path, I was over the moon to find a wonderful group to share these special times with and also to talk freely about my beliefs and experiences. The warm welcome from Joss, her Husband and the other attendees was just lovely! Here’s to many more sharing of these special times together! Many Blessings /|\

~ Heidi Cooper

I’ve been using Joss’ nettle salve to help with my psoriasis for a few weeks & it’s made a massive difference already -much better than what I’d been prescribed by a GP. Highly recommended

~ Kim Rodgers

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