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​What are the wild edges?

The wild edges are the places - real and imagined - where you discover who you are and why you are here. In nature, the wild edges represent the boundaries where different ecosystems converge: they are where a garden meets the wilderness, or where meadow meets a forest. They are the places where connections are made, new things are experienced and change happens.


For human beings, our wild edges are found in all the things that take us beyond our comfort zone, where we transition from the known to the unknown, and where our conscious thoughts meet our unconscious intuition to create our own powerful wisdom and discover who we really are and what we are capable of. 

We find our wild edges when we let go of the familiar and start to explore the unknown, for that is where our true power exists and where healing happens. 


​Right now, the whole world is finding its wild edges; we are in a period of global uncertainty, confusion and division. But at the edges of this is hope, optimism, and the beginning of a consciousness-led and community-oriented society as people increasingly step out of the conditioning they have endured and reject the status quo. The world is awakening, questioning what has been, changing what is, and manifesting what will be.

I invite you to explore your wild edges with me to reconnect with what matters most to you, manage your energy and live the intentional and abundant life you want and deserve.

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