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As we journey through life, we experience many transitions that, in our fast-paced modern world, may pass by unnoticed. In times past, our ancestors understood the profound importance of marking these shifts with rites of passage, ceremonies that mark the beginnings and endings of chapters in our life story. Drawing on my training in shamanism, Druidry and herbalism, I seek to revive this ancient wisdom by crafting bespoke ceremonies that infuse contemporary moments with deep meaning and reverence. From unions and new beginnings to the acknowledgment of maturity, ageing and letting go, each ceremony is a unique reflection of your journey. Together, we can weave a beautiful and unique ceremony, honouring the essence of these milestones and creating a sacred space for celebration and empowerment.


I work with adults and children at all stages of life, and beyond. I am based in Cambridgeshire, but I am happy to travel. Please email me at for a free, no obligation, Discovery Call to discuss your wishes. And if there is a ceremony you’d like and it isn’t listed here, please get in touch as I will either be able to create something special for you or put you in touch with someone else who can.

Identity ceremonies

Naming ceremony A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a new life and the bestowing of a name upon a newborn; it’s a way to introduce your baby into the family, and the wider community. This can be done in addition to or instead of a christening and allows family and loved ones to be more involved in the ceremony. And naming ceremonies are not just for babies! It can be used as a rite of passage to mark a transition in one’s life; a way of letting go of an old life to make way for the new. Your naming ceremony can be as simple and intimate or as elaborate as you wish.

Croning / Saging ceremonyIn modern Western culture, ageing is seen as something to be feared and avoided, but our ancestors viewed the ageing process as something to be honoured and respected, marking the point at which an adult member of the community became an Elder. Crossing this threshold can be a major milestone in life and a Croning ceremony for women, or Saging ceremony for men is a beautiful way to celebrate your life’s journey and the wisdom you have gathered along the way.  It’s a time to embrace a new stage of life, a new way of being in the world and making new commitments to yourself. Croning and Saging ceremonies can be created for individuals or groups.

Couples ceremonies

Handfasting ceremony - Handfasting is a marriage ceremony, in which the couple’s hands are bound together with a coloured ribbon to symbolise their union; it’s where we get the phrase “tying the knot”. ​Handfasting is a beautiful way for a couple to publicly declare their love and commitment to one another in front of friends and family, in a non-religious ceremony. Every handfasting is unique as it is personalised to the couple and can incorporate traditions such as jumping the broom and the hoop and wand ritual. Couple can write their own vows, include readings, songs and music – whatever you like! Handfasting can take place as a standalone ceremony (though this is not legally recognised in the UK) or be woven into a wedding or renewal of vows as part of a wider celebration, as per your wishes.

Renewal of vows ceremonyIf you are a couple who have been together for some time, you may wish to renew your vows to one another in front of your loved ones. I can create a renewal of vows ceremony for you to celebrate your ongoing love and commitment as a couple, which can be simple and intimate, or a grander celebration, depending on your wishes.

Unbinding ceremony - when a relationship ends,  to last, the couple may wish to honour the love that was shared and the journey taken together before they part ways. An unbinding ceremony, which is usually conducted in private, is a way to dissolve the relationship in a sacred, loving way. The couple typically unbind the hoop and wand and handfasting cords and ritually release the energy from the relationship, to make space for the new, making it a powerful healing experience for both.

Land and home ceremonies

Home blessing ceremony Moving home is a significant life event, and home blessing ceremony can help you honour the past, welcome the present, and embrace the future. You may wish to give thanks to your old home for taking care of you over the years, and ensure that your energy is taken with you when you leave, ready for your home’s new occupants to make their own. Or you may have just moved house and want to clear your new home of any lingering energy and introduce yourself to the spirits of place to help create a space infused with love and positive energy. Whatever your situation, I can work with you to create a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony to meet your requirements.

Land blessing ceremony - this is a ceremony to ask permission from the land itself to work with it. In doing so, we acknowledge the importance of establishing a respectful relationship with the land, and includes offerings, ritual, and expressions of gratitude to honour the spirits of the land with the intention of fostering a sense of balance and reciprocity, ensuring that any actions taken on the land are done in harmony with its natural cycles and energies. 

Passing over ceremonies​

Passing over ceremony - This is a beautiful ceremony that can be done at any time before or after a funeral, and it creates

an intimate and healing space for family and loved ones to come together, share memories, express their emotions and say goodbye in a personal and more intimate way that traditional funerals typically permit. In a passing over ceremony, there is the opportunity to say what was never said, offering a profound opportunity for healing, acknowledging the inevitability of death while fostering closure and celebrating the life of the one who has passed. Passing over ceremonies can be done with groups or on an individual basis, depending on your wishes and can work alongside various forms of therapy to heal grief, trauma and other unresolved emotions.

Scattering of ashes ceremony - this is a beautiful and meaningful way to honour the memory of a departed loved one and is an important part of dealing with grief. The ceremony involves family and friends gathering in a location that is significant to the departed or their loved ones and the act of releasing the ashes into the wind, water, or onto the earth symbolises the return of the individual to the natural elements and the universe. This ceremony is often deeply personal, providing a space for reflection, closure, and remembrance. Family and friends may share stories, express their emotions, and find peace in the idea that the departed's essence becomes one with the surroundings they loved. The scattering of ashes ceremony is a heartfelt way to celebrate the life of the departed while acknowledging the cyclical nature of existence and the interconnectedness of life and nature.

Guiding souls ceremony - In sacred space, I step into the role of a psychopomp, a compassionate guide for the departed, ensuring their safe and serene passage into the spirit world, free from pain and earthly attachments. As the departed find acceptance and peace in their new journey, their living loved ones are given the opportunity to release grief and sorrow, finding a path toward healing and closure. This ceremony serves as a bridge between the realms, fostering a sense of peace for both the departed and those who continue their earthly journey, emphasising the interconnectedness of life, death, and the enduring spirit.

It is an honour and privilege to bear witness to these life events, and each ceremony I create is unique and personalised to you, ensuring that every detail of your ceremony is as you wish it to be. I offer support and guidance throughout the planning process for every ceremony and  the following are included as standard:


  • An initial free, no obligation, discovery call via Zoom to connect with you and discuss your wishes for your ceremony

  • An in-depth meeting (in person or via Zoom) so we can get to know each other and for you to share your story and for us to start planning your ceremony

  • Exclusive booking of your ceremony date

  • A beautiful, personalised, sacred ceremony tailored to your wishes

  • Provision of ceremonial equipment

  • Regular contact and ongoing consultation with you prior to the ceremony via phone, email, Zoom or similar

  • If appropriate, a visit to the ceremony site and walk through / rehearsal

  • Support in the creation of vows, promises, readings etc. if needed

  • Anything else I can do to make your ceremony exactly as you want it to be

Please get in touch to discuss your ceremonial wishes.

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