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There is enormous value in learning with and from others and our events give you the opportunity to  build connection and community, and share your experience with other like-minded people.


I host sacred gatherings which follow the Celtic wheel of the year, plant spirit healing workshops, designed to help you deepen your conscious relationship with the natural world, and full-day nature-based and shamanic development workshops which give you the opportunity to delve deeper into specific aspects of personal and spiritual development work.

All my events are created with thought, love and positive intent to support your personal and spiritual development in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Sacred Wheel of the Year Gatherings


Our sacred gatherings combine the sharing of wisdom, ceremony, shamanic drumming and journeying to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year and honour the spirits of the land and our ancestors. We work with the energies of the seasons and the elements, plant and animal spirit medicine for healing, cleansing, guidance and wisdom.

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Wild Healing Days

Wild healing is all about reviving ancient knowledge of the myriad uses of the plants and trees that grow all around us. Our wild healing days follow the seasons and incorporate learning about common native plants,foraging, crafting and plant spirit connection meditation.


Pathways to Spirit Workshops


Full day workshops that each focus on a specific aspect of personal / spiritual development. Each workshop offers a unique combination of group coaching, personal development activities, nature connection, shamanic journeying, deep healing and much more to provide you with lasting personal and spiritual transformation.


Wild Women Gather - Women's Circle

Wild Women Gather is a circle in which women can come together and shed society’s expectations, reclaiming and celebrating the untamed, fierce, and unapologetic essence within every woman. We create a safe, non-judgmental space for the sharing of stories, dreams, and aspirations, empowering women to find their voice, dismantle limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and connect authentically with themselves and others.


Drum Birthing


The medicine drum is a sacred tool of shamans around the world, and it is an honour to be the keeper of a drum. It is a living, breathing entity, holding the spirits of the animal and tree that are part of it. In our drum birthing workshops, you will birth your own drum and beater, and through the process, connect with the spirit of your drum, which will be your companion in your journeying and healing.

Retreats and Festivals


If you organise retreats or festivals and you would like me to facilitate a workshop for your event, please do get in touch. All my workshops can be tailored for specific audiences, venues and timescales, depending on your requirements.

Please email me to get a conversation started!


"Beautiful mugwort experience with Joss! The evening gave me an abundance of knowledge, time for myself to receive some shamanic healing, meet like-minded individuals, experience new approaches to spirituality and so much more. I felt safe, love, and so much joy. Thank you Joss for being who you are and offering so much guidance and welcoming me into your beautiful home. It was amazing and a blessing to be in your presence. I look forward to attending future sessions like this one." 


~ Giannina Carlino

"A massive thank you to the wonderful Joss for holding such beautiful, knowledgeable gatherings, they really are just fantastic I have attended quite a few and have loved and learnt so much from every one . Joss is an amazing host and an incredible healer, she is just so welcoming and holds such a safe space it’s so lovely , I cannot wait for the next one! "


~ Clare Aldous

I attended the magic of Mugwort evening which was held on the night of the Hunters Full Moon! The evening was truly an amazing night, with the history and folklore of Mugwort, followed by a beautiful tea ceremony which lead us in to journeying to honour Mugwort! We also learned how to find it and its medicinal properties as well as its use in ceremony and shamanic practice.

I felt Joss held us all in a very safe, loving space and I would recommend Joss 100% to anyone that asked.

~ Vicky Burgess

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