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So...what is shamanic healing?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

From a shamanic perspective, most illness has a spiritual cause and therefore healing on just a physical level may not be effective. While modern medicines may ease symptoms temporarily, they can mask the deeper issue and often the person’s healing is incomplete.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In shamanic healing, the practitioner searches for the original source of the issue – this could be unresolved trauma in the person’s current or past life or somewhere in their ancestral roots, unwanted attachments or entities in their energy field, or the effect of subconscious programming, among others. When someone experiences any of these, they may encounter soul loss or power loss, leaving them susceptible to physical or mental illness, or a propensity to attract and absorb negative energy from others.

Shamanic healing works at a spiritual level to remove blockages and attachments, clear past trauma and seek wisdom and healing from the spirit world. The shamanic practitioner guides and advises their client based on the information they receive from their spirit guides, but for a shamanic healing to be effective, it is important that the client is open to the process of inner change and take an active role in their healing journey, with a willingness to take responsibility for their choices and decisions.

Every shamanic healing session is different as every client is unique. However, here’s an overview of how a shamanic healing might work:

The shamanic work begins before the client even arrives; I cleanse, clear and purify myself and the space where the healing is to take place, removing any stuck energy. This might be in my treatment room in my home, or somewhere outdoors, such as an ancient wood, depending on my client’s needs and preferences. I make sure that the atmosphere is as calm and relaxing as possible so that my client feels comfortable and at ease. When they arrive, we begin the session with a conversation in which the client shares how they are feeling, and we discuss the issues they wish to resolve during the session. This helps me to find out what type of healing is needed and together we create a powerful intention for the healing session.

I work intuitively with my guides as a “hollow bone”, meaning that I act as a conduit for any wisdom, guidance and healing from the spiritual realm to my client. I do this through shamanic journeying on behalf of my client to access aspects of their lives that they may not consciously be aware of, and I work with a range of sacred tools – my medicine drum, rattle, flute, chanting, crystals, sacred herbs and the elements – depending on what is needed. Throughout the healing session, I talk the client through what I am doing and what I am being shown so that they are fully aware of what is happening and involved in the process. Some clients will experience physical or emotional shifts during the healing session, others find it a deeply relaxing experience. Whatever happens in the session is meant to be, and every experience has a reason behind it.

We finish the session with another conversation to talk about how the client experienced throughout the healing, what they noticed and what that might mean for them. I share my observations from the journey or journeys I undertook for them, and together we explore ways in which the client can continue their healing journey going forward.

After a shamanic healing, they may continue to experience physical, mental or emotional shifts as energy has been moved and cleared. I always recommend that clients keep a journal to make a note of anything they experience, including paying attention to their dreams, as the energy can continue to shift for some time after.

Shamanic healing can help you

  • Break free from unhelpful or unwanted patterns of behaviour, thinking and beliefs

  • Identify changes you need to make in order to live fully and authentically

  • Remove negative or stagnant energy which is blocking you or holding you back

  • Awaken a deeper understanding of your inner self

  • Gain clarity about your life purpose

  • Deepen your connection with spirit guides

If you’d like to explore how shamanic healing could benefit you, please get in touch with me to arrange a free discovery call. This is a great way to learn more about shamanic healing and to help you decide if it is the right approach for you. To book your (no obligation and absolutely no pressure!) discovery call, please email me at

Joss Anderson is a qualified and experienced Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner and ICF-accredited coach, based in Cambridgeshire, UK and online.

© Joss Anderson; © The Wild Edges, 2022

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